Freezer sheets

Do-it-yourself Inlet


Fully flexible Do-it-yourself Inlet for transporting any bottle size and shape, e.g. Spirits, olive oil, vinegar and the like.

Delivery Time: 3-10 days


Product Description

Easy to adjust: The foam cubes can be easily reused after use and removed for the next bottle shape.

  • High quality foam inlet
  • Available for both case sizes
  • Can be exchanged with 3 standard inserts of one luggage side (Grande) and 2 standard inserts at Petite

Thats how it works:
The three-stage system consists of two large foam pads for the top and bottom as well as a customizable padding with individual, pre-cut foam cubes. Simply remove the necessary cubes and press the bottles into the resulting gap. You can place as many bottles until the insert is full. Always leave at least a series of foam cubes between the individual bottles in order to prevent bottles from banging against each other. Then place the second large foam pad on the top and fix it with the straps.